This month I have had installed at my house "Insulbloc" cavity wall insulation.

As the ceiling in my home is also insulated, the effects of now having the walls insulated with your product has had a very substantial effect on the inside temperature of the house. It is now at a constant of between 20 to 22 degrees with little aberration. This allows for us to sleep with then window open on an otherwise cool evening because of the inside climate and in the warm or hot days traps the cool air inside the house as well!

I have no hesitation in recommending your product and invite any potential customer to give me a call to endorse totally not only the quality of the product, the fact that it works, but also the professional manner in which your company conducts its business.

Yours faithfully,
Bob Doyle


I recently had wall insulation retro fitted to my home by the professional team at 4 Seasons Home Insulation.
I have noticed since that time that there has been a dramatic rise in the ambient temperature inside my home. I would estimate this to be in the range of 5 to 10 degrees Celsius, and as a result, a decrease in the length and frequency of using our traditional home heating.
I look forward to comparing my electricity bills as I am sure that they will also have a marked decrease in cost.

The whole job was completed in 1 day while I was at work, and I even enquired of my wife that evening if they had in fact arrived to start the job. There was no evidence whatsoever that the team had even been to my house that day. A very professional job was completed by them, a pleasant surprise these days.
I will recommend to all and sundry that they seriously consider the option of wall insulation fitted by 4 Seasons Home Insulation.

Yours faithfully,
Ross Swadling


Dear Ross,
Just wanted to thank you and your team for the excellent job done at our home early last month with the installation of √Źnsulbloc".
Barb and I were very impressed with the professionalism in every aspect of the job, from our initial enquiries through to the booking, the prompt arrival of your team on the day, efficient completion of the job and the tidy up afterwards.

However we are moistly impressed with the unbelievable difference it has made to our home. As you are aware, our home had a reputation for being overly warm during the spring and summer months. Although we had sound ceiling already, visitors would often complain about how warm it was inside, no matter how many windows and doors we opened to try to cool things down.
Ultimately, we would crank up the ducted air-con to schieve an acceptable comfort level- and that would only last until we turned off the air-con. My north-east facing office was well known for being unbearably hot, even though it receives no direct sunshine into the room till late in the afternoon.

Now, after having Insulbloc installed, the problem has virtually been eliminated. We have had several days with temperatures around 30 degrees and have not yet had to resort to the air-con. I'm actually looking forward to my next power bill!
Thanks again for making our lives a lot more bearable- we wish you and your company well for the future.

Kind Regards,
Greg & Barbara Hewson

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